Monday, July 1

Bragging on my husband

A week ago yesterday Bryan and I celebrated our first anniversary. The year went by so fast, I really can't believe it! I have grown more in love with my man with each passing day and I cannot wait for what The Lord has in store for us. Bryan is the kindest, sweetest, funniest, goofiest guy I know. I am so completely blessed to be with him. I can't say the year has been easy. It has been a journey, an adventure, a struggle at times and a learning experience. But so totally worth it! Bryan has loved me continuously every moment, even though I do not deserve it. He puts up with my craziness and mood swings and loves me still. He takes care, provides for and looks out for me all the time. I am so excited to for our years to come and what is in store for us. 

                                                   Had to brag on my husband! 

Monday, December 17

My heart aches

For the families in Connecticut and around the world that have to deal with these tragedies. Why would someone take their problems out on children? We will never be able to understand why this has happened and keeps happening but throughout all of it, all of the sadness, anger, confusion we can be sure about one thing; God is still here among us. He loves us, he holds us and he will always be in control. We can't understand why things like this happen or what he could possibly do with it but we can be sure that, He. Is. God.

[Verse 1:]
You're not a God created by human hands
You're not a God dependent on any mortal man
You're not a God in need of
Anything we can give
By Your plan, that's just the way it is

You are God alone, from before time began
You were on Your throne, You are God alone.
And right now, in the good times and bad
You are on Your throne, You are God alone.

[Verse 2:]
You're the only God whose power none can contend
You're the only God whose name and
Praise will never end
You're the only God who's worthy
Of everything we can give
You are God, that's just the way it is

You're unchangeable (Unchangeable)
Unshakable (Unshakable)
Unstoppable (Unstoppable)
That's who you are (That's who you are)

Friday, November 30

Give Thanks

Where has this month gone? Tomorrow is already December! And with that, I realize that it doesn't look like  I have been thankful everyday this month. But I assure ya'll that I was, if not on the outside, I was on the inside and I know people don't want to hear everything I have to say anyway... So on that note here are couple things I am thankful for before the month ends in an hour and I promise that I will continue to be thankful!
-I am thankful for the wonderful life my aunt Robin had on this earth. The Lord took her to be with him on Thanksgiving morning and even though it hurts and it was kind of hard to be thankful that I day, I have pushed through to look at the good. I am thankful I knew her and was apart of her family. I am thankful I was able to see her 6 months ago at my wedding. I am thankful she is not in pain anymore. I am thankful that she is with the Lord. And I am thankful the Lord has been with us through this time as well, reminding us she is in a better place and is being very well taken care of. I love you Aunt Robin.
-I am thankful for education. Bryan and I (hopefully) calculated that I SHOULD be able to graduate next spring (a whole year after I was supposed to at MSUM, but hey that's what I get for transferring). Even though I whine and complain about it, because I do wish that I would have been able to finish with all my friends back at MSUM (once a dragon, always a dragon!! Never a NSU wolf... Bleck!), I am thankful that I was able to transfer and that I do have the opportunity to go and finish out my schooling. I am also thankful that Bryan was able to get job and there was a university in the same town (right across the street from our apartment).
-Speaking of school, I am thankful that I only have one week before finals and on that note, I only have 2 finals. It hasn't been a hard semester but I am ready for a break. And I am thankful for some great professors. 

I find it fitting to end with the same thing I started with (cause it is that important). I am thankful for our Lord, Jesus Christ. He came as a baby to grow up and die for us. He loves us unconditionally. He is always there. He stronger and more powerful than any man. He forgives us. He blesses us. He protects us. He is pretty great! He is my Lord, my Saviour, my King, my Father, my Brother, my Lover. Phew...Nobody can take on that many roles without failing. Actually nobody can take on one of those roles without failing. Thank you Lord for everything that you have given, for the forgiveness, the blessings, the love, the everything.You are the one and only and I thank you for that. 

Happy Almost December
Be Blessed ~Chels~

Tuesday, November 20

Fam Jam

Thankful for these wonderful people.

I have been blessed with wonderful in'laws: such a loving, funny, caring, godly family. I love them to pieces! Rob and Alinda did such an amazing job raising Bryan up to be the man he is today and for that I thank them! I have always wanted an older brother and now I have two, Anthony and Jordan (and I think they do their job pretty well :)). Nikki is such a blessing, she is one of the sweetest women I know. So glad I have her in my life, I didn't just gain a great sister-in-law, I gained a wonderful friend! 
So excited to spend this long weekend with them, we don't get to see each other enough (darn distance between us all) and when we do, I cherish every moment. Very proud to the same last name as these great people! 

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday!! 
Be Blessed ~Chels~

Saturday, November 17

Oh Brother

Oops, it seems I haven’t been thankful for a few days, I promise that I have been. Life was just a bit busy this week, all classes decided to have tests and long readings due on the same days… at least it’s over and we only have 2 days of classes before a much needed break.
Getting back on track, today I am thankful for this kid    407708_10152265447550177_120453103_n
My baby brother, Aaron Lee Swedberg.
This goof was brought into our lives 14 years ago and life hasn’t been same since. Adoption is a great thing. Our family had been trying to adopt a little boy from Jamaica but it didn’t work out. Not too long after we found out  that the adoption wasn’t going to happen our pastors came to my parents and asked if we would consider adopting a different baby boy. I was only 8 at the time and do not remember much of the process all I know for sure is that when my parents met Aaron they fell in love and new he was their next child. I had always wanted a baby brother and finally after 8 years, I got him (it didn’t work out the first time; when my sister was born I told them to take her back, I didn’t want a sister and I wasn’t happy). Aaron is the sweetest, goofiest kid on this planet and he looked exactly like us when he was growing up, I had friends that said they would have thought Cameron was adopted before they thought Aaron was. He has always been a clown and knows exactly what one wants to hear (he’s always made Cameron and I look bad when trying to kiss up to the parents). In his years he has been a dinosaur/shark expert (seriously, ask him anything), Star Wars buff (his mind is like a sponge when it comes to movies, he only has to watch it once and he can pretty much quote it), WWE wrestling (have no idea where that came from) and now as a teenager he is gamer and the fact the Bryan is too, doesn’t help. Speaking of teenager, I can’t believe that! This kid is going to be in high school next year, he’s taller than me and he’s starting to talk about girls. This makes me feel old.
I love this kid to death and am so blessed to have him as my baby brother. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for him and he has always been my best friend. Thank you Lord for this kid!
This was less than a year ago! Crazy how much he has changed.

He’s always been cute, that’s for sure!
Be Blessed ~Chels~

Monday, November 12


Winter weather = Chelsa is thankful for a warm home and fuzzy blankets. We may have a small home and we may complain about it sometimes (ok, quite a bit) but I am truly thankful to have a home no matter how small and storageless it is. Bryan and I were extremely blessed to get the apartment that we have; One bedroom, very good price, 2 minute drive for Bryan to get to work, and school is right across the street from us. It took a very long time to find a apartment so we are truly blessed that we got this one.

It was definitely a good day not to have classes and stay inside cleaning and curl up under a blanket. I am also thankful that it is supposed to warm up this week and this was just a preview to winter coming.

Be Blessed  ~Chels~

Sunday, November 11

Veterans Day

Thank you to all of our past, present and future vets. We are a free nation because of your bravery and courage. Both Bryan and my grandfathers are veterans. I’m sorry if I am selfish but I am very thankful that we still have them with us today and I am sorry for those families that are not so lucky and with that thought I thank the families of our military peoples as well. Wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, siblings and children have loved and lost family members. They share these people with the whole nation and we are forever in their debt. I don’t know how they do it but I thank them for it and my prayers are with them. I wish with all of my heart that the world did not have to fight and these people did not have to put their lives on the line for us and families did not have to be part, so be with these people and their families, Lord. Keep and bring our people home safe.

Be Blessed and have a good week.     ~Chels~